VERY IMPORTANT WAYS 2 Help Get Lee’s Music Out There For EVERY1 To Hear.


Lee deserves all the love & support we can give him. Please make it a priority to give Lee at least 15 min. a day of your time. We all love Lee & his music & if we want to continue hearing him, he needs our help. If we can tweet, we can help. Don’t let these other idol contestants outshine our amazing boy!!!!!



Please make your mission for this week to do birthday message for Lee and Radio Blast. If you can at least do List A every day that would be great (takes 5-10 minutes).



All important Lee efforts below can be found in ONE CONVENIENT PLACE at either: (sign in 2 get info.) & site)




ITEM 1: Send Your Birthday Message to Lee


PLEASE PLEASE let Lee know how much you love him. Create your birthday message for Lee’s birthday.  They’ve only received 6 messages so far. COME ON LEE FANS!!!!


They need to be received by Feb. 25. ANY message is a good message. Let’s all show Lee how much we love him. Please send this link to ALL your followers. Info. here:



ITEM 2: RADIO BLAST 3: Keep Lee’s MOMENTUM going.

Lee is losing radio spins & has dropped off the top 200 songs on HAC  : (

- This is the Full List of Radio Stations for the week!!!

- ONLY takes 15 min/day to get Lee radio station (sign in 2 get list) & (LDO site)



ITEM 3: Request Lee on AT40  - Takes 1 minute.

– There are 4 options for you to pick from:


- Twitter: @AmericanTop40

- Send instant email request:

- E-mail Ryan at

-         Requests & Shoutouts 1-877-AT40-FAN








ITEM 4: Once a Week do the RateTheMusic Survey – Takes 5 minutes.


- Help Determine What Songs Get Played on the Radio. Lee is currently # 5.



- Sign up to do the “Hot Adult Contemporary Surveys”.

- They send you an email once a week as a reminder.

- Give Lee the highest rating & say “No” I’m NOT tired of hearing this song.

- Put lower ratings on other people’s & say “Yes” you’re tired of hearing.




If you love Lee’s Live It Up CD, you should check out his older CDs too (if you don’t already own them)


- Slumberland

- So I’m Told



Have a GREAT day!!!